Women Bloggers Team Up For Single Men: Turn Your Dating Life Upside Down!

Great tips for you fellas out there wondering what women want when it comes to dating!

Hey nosies!

With Valentine’s Day behind us, are you still in the mood for love?!  Last month we heard from 6 men and their 30 dating tips for single women.  We LOVED IT but many women wanted the men to hear their voices and perspective too.  Consider it


These 10 women have teamed up to offer our men a collection of dating tips, sure to turn their dating lives upside down.  Remember, every woman is their own woman with their own likes and dislikes.  If you find yourself trying to implement each of these tips in every situation, you may find yourself disappointed.  You’ll just have to bite the bullet and get to know your lady, fellas :).  However, just like the men, there was one tip that JUST kept coming up – #6.  Enjoy!


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The Struggle

The mailbox is my enemy
It never holds good things
Bills, bills, and more bills
That is all it seems to bring

The air conditioner never works
The plumbing is ancient and full of quirks
The breaker blows when I heat popcorn
The internet freezes when I watch porn

The kids need this
The dog needs that
Every dollar is spent before its earned
The struggle is a lesson that is constantly learned

The list of things I need to fix
Is longer than any shitty 90’s remix
The list of things that are fine
It is like a second in a century of time

They say:

Money is the evil root of all that kills
I guess an angel has never struggled
Maybe in heaven there are no bills

Some days I would sell my soul
Just to not worry about any bill
No matter how hard I try to climb
It seems I am constantly falling down hill

Food stamps…..
I wish I could
I can’t pay my mortgage
Yet..they say my wages are too good

I could quit my job
Live off government assistance
This pride in my heart
Would never give up resistance

So I will keep up the struggle
Fight this relentless fight
I will work until the day I die
That is what I have been taught is right

I can look myself in the mirror
At the end of each and every day
There is a beauty in the struggle
I know I am struggling my own way

Do you want a fairy tale or to live happily ever after?

“Someday I’ll find my love, someone to call my own.”   `Snow White

The great Walt Disney is no doubt one of the most romantic men to have ever lived. However, he understood that no matter how great the love, no true love story will ever be perfect.

When you really think about it, all fairy tales have something that the characters had to overcome to find and be with their true love.

Cinderella had to escape the prison of her home for one night, just to meet the love of her life.  Prince Charming had to search a whole kingdom to find his love, after being left with only a single glass slipper as a clue. Who does that?  People in love, that’s who.

Snow White was born beautiful.  She was hated by her step mother, who eventually made it her mission to kill poor snow.  In the story, Snow falls into a deep slumber after taking a bite out of an apple, poisoned by her wicked stepmother.  She is in a coffin when her prince finds her.  The prince falls in love with her, a dead girl.  He kisses her ruby-red lips, she wakes up, and they live happily ever after.  How do you fall in love with a dead person?  Zombie love….it happens.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast  The problem here is obvious.  Belle is a beautiful girl, and the Prince is a beast.  He also happens to be a jerk.  Belle somehow eventually sees the real man inside the beast, and with her love and understanding he becomes the prince that he always was on the inside.  That is what real love does, it makes you be the best version of yourself.  The prince found someone who loved him at his very worst, and that isn’t a fairy tale, that is what real love is.  Isn’t true love all about finding a person that loves you just as you are?

The point that I am trying to make here is that nothing is perfect.  Some of us may have these idealistic pictures in our head, of what our life SHOULD look like. Whether it is the idea of the type of person we see ourselves with, the career we planned to have, or the place we thought we would live. Sometimes we let these fairy tale ideas,  keep us from realizing our happily ever after.

You may have always pictured yourself falling in love with a Prince.  A Prince with a huge castle, several carriages, and no Cinderella or Snow White to look after.  Your love story may be with the handsome, slightly poor, but extremely brave knight.  Are you letting the idea of a perfect Prince keep you from being with the person you are meant to be with?

You may have pictured yourself being a successful doctor.  Your entire education was geared toward that goal.   BOOM……. you realize that you are completely terrified and nauseated at the sight of blood.  Do you let the dream of being a doctor overshadow the fact that you have a great career, as a mechanic?  Do you let a failed dream keep you from happiness?

Maybe all you ever wanted was to live somewhere exciting.  New York, Paris, Rome, even somewhere like freaking Dubai…that was the image in your head of your future glamorous life.   Do you let disappointment over childhood dreams make you forget that you have a pretty amazing life right here in the middle of nowhere?  I know I do.

Life may not always turn out the way that we plan, and that is okay.

The best relationships, friendships, and yes…..even love stories, all happen when you least expect them to.

Do not let the idea of your life, keep you from realizing what you have, and being grateful for it.

 No matter where you are in life, there are a few things that are true for each and every one of us…..

Every day is a gift, don’t waste it with regret.  We aren’t promised that it will be a perfect story, or even a long one.  Make sure you enjoy the entire book, not just a few chapters.

Trust the timing of your life.  You may not have found your princess yet, but that is because you haven’t made it to that part of your story.  Keep reading, you will get there exactly when you are meant to.  You can’t rush love, but you can enjoy life while you’re waiting.

This is a beautiful life.

Your story is a beautiful one.


Don’t let your idea of a fairy tale, keep you from living your happily ever after.

Love Always,


How Facebook has Revolutionized Stalking

If you’re reading this….You’re most likely a stalker.  

Hello… my name is Jamie, and I am a stalker.

Your sweet little old Grandmother that comments on everything, but claims she can’t use the computer….is a STALKER!!!!!

You can bet your sweet ass, the amazing guy that somehow knows you love rainbows and kittens…..is a STALKER!!!!

Calm down, before you get out your pepper spray and rape whistle, let me tell you how I came to this realization.

A few weekends ago I was out-of-town watching a friend of mine play softball.

 (Because I live in Kansas and we are hard up for entertainment.)

I had another friend coming to join me at the game so we could hang out and talk.  She messages me, “which field are you at, there’s a bunch.”  I reply with, ” I have no idea, I’m somewhere sort of close to the zoo.”

Next thing you know, she shows up.  Pleasantly surprised, thinking I had given GREAT directions, I asked her how she found me.  “Oh you have your location on, I just clicked on it in messenger, and it took me right to you.”

Cool!  Right?  Now I no longer have to worry about giving directions, which I suck at.  I can just say, click my location.  This is a great invention…..or is it?

Gone are the days where your significant other has to believe what you tell them.  He or she can actually track where you are.  Gone are the days kids could tell parents they are staying with one friend, and go out with another instead.  Sorry kids, you are screwed.   Your stalker parents can actually see on a map, where you are. (FYI parents should stalk kids, it’s a crazy world out there.)   For those of us on the investigative side, that’s awesome.  The question that begs to be asked, is………

How far is too far?

You might just say, hey no big deal, I will just turn my location off.

Here’s a thought guaranteed to give you the creeps:  do you even realize your location is on?????

Are you sure that the sweet guy at the grocery store that is always so polite, who added you on Facebook, is really just a sweet harmless guy?  Do you trust him to be able to see everything that is on your social media profile?

What about the girl from third grade that you had like one sleepover with?  Are you sure that you want her knowing EXACTLY where your house is?  Guess what? If you have ever talked to her on FB messenger, she just might know where you live.

I recently had a stalker scare of my own.  Most of you who are my FB friends can probably guess the person I am referring to.  Long story short, I watched the kid for a few months when I was just a kid myself.  He added me on FB, and for the most part was pretty cool in the beginning.  He liked my writing, always was giving me uplifting and encouraging input, he was a great “fanboy.”

The thing about putting all your business out there, is that people start thinking they have the right to judge it, and even a right to have some sort of say in what you are doing.  My stalkerish (yeah I know that isn’t a word) friend started to think he had the right to not only tell me what I should be doing, but he also started being openly rude to other people who would comment on things.  I deleted him a few times, and he would always promise to not get so weird.

 Eventually I just had to block him completely after he threatened to come to my home uninvited.  Guess what?  He knew my address, because I had talked to him with my location on.  Creepy….right?  I basically had to threaten to talk to the police if he contacted me again, block him, and pray that he would just go away.  So far, he has stayed away.  He seemed perfectly normal at first.  I even had a few friends that thought I was crazy for turning down a decent looking, seemingly normal man.  He turned out to be the biggest creeper I have ever met, and you all know I have met some epic creepers.

Conspiracy theorists worry constantly about the government spying on our social media, our phone calls, our texts, our emails.  I hate conspiracy theorists, but they do have one thing right.  If someone adds me as a friend, within 5 minutes I can tell you what TV shows they watch, what they believe as far as religion and politics, and most likely I can even tell you who they are related to.  If I can figure all that out, imagine what the government can do?

The truth is, President Obama probably doesn’t give a shit which taco truck you prefer to frequent.  The CIA probably has no interest in how many boards you have on Pinterest, or what television shows you binge watch on Netflix.  That information is there for the taking, however.  All it takes, is one person with negative intentions, to use all the information available against you.  The things we make public, even the most innocent of things, can leave us vulnerable to being hurt.

I have said before how predators can use dating sites to manipulate people by pretending to have the same interests, views, etc.  They can easily use your information to find a way into your life, or even worse, your pants.

Isn’t Facebook pretty much the ultimate dating site?  Even if you do meet someone on Match, or Plenty of Fish, or wherever, isn’t the next step to add them on FB so you can make sure you aren’t two years and a pathetic story away from being on “Catfish”?

If I really want to get to know someone, I don’t just ask them, I check out Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

 What type of stuff are they posting?  They say they are single, so why does Facebook say they are in a relationship?  Even those of us with the best of intentions can find ourselves doing and saying some pretty stalkery stuff.  (yes I am aware that stalkery isn’t a word either).

For Example:

“Why the hell were you at KFC??? You don’t even eat chicken!”

“Why did you send me a good night text at 2 AM, from Brad’s house?  Why were you acting like you were in bed when you were out partying?”

It’s very easy to use the internet, and location services for evil, instead of good. It’s easy to get caught up in bad behavior, even if you aren’t a bad person.

Like Spider-man had to learn the hard way……with great power comes great responsibility.

Even the most evil of people, can still appear completely innocent. Bad guys can wear good guy masks.


Dexter worked for the freaking police department!

 (If you don’t know who Dexter is google it and binge watch it on Netflix….. you’re welcome.)

Love Always,